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Moti Mahal stands out in the world of hospitality, serving up North Indian cuisine with passion for over 100 years. Our signature Tandoori chicken, perfected in a traditional tandoor, has become a global favorite. Here, we do more than serve meals—we offer a culinary adventure. Dive into our diverse menu that skillfully combines timeless recipes with contemporary techniques. Explore our Tandoori Trail, Iconic Curries, and Progressive Modern Cuisine, each promising a unique and enriching dining experience. Join us at Moti Mahal for a taste of culinary excellence.

This is a journey of Mr Kundan Lal Gujral, the man behind the recognition & success of Moti Mahal group in the global hospitality industry.

Meet The Owners

Ashim Gujral
In 2003, Ashim Gujral popularised franchising, enabling Moti Mahal to expand to other parts of the globe. Ashim established a number of new lucrative businesses to supplement the original Moti Mahal brand, including Moti Mall, Barbecue, China Wall, and The culinary tradition of his father was crucially preserved and spread by Nand Lal.
Kuvam Gujral
Kuvam Gujral is the great grandson of Shri Kundan Lal Gujral (the man who invented tandoori chicken). Kuvam an alumnus from ITC Hospitality Management Institute and the man behind bringing a modern touch to the traditional Moti Mahal cuisine while maintaining the same flavours and recipes for which  Moti Mahal Delux is famous for by following the footsteps of his farther Ashim Gujral.

Corporate Staff

Headquarters - Delhi
Meet the
Corporate Staff
Moti Mahal
Since 1920
Bir Singh Khati
Corporate General Manager
Prem Mohar
Corporate chef Multicuisine
M.G Siddiqui
Corporate Manager
Jitender singh
Corporate chef Multicuisine
Dil Bahadur
Corporate Chef Multicuisine
Lalit Singh
Corporate Continental chef
Prem Tamta
Corporate Chef Multicuisine
Yagya Bahadur
Corporate Chinese Chef
Umang Arora
Architect and Interior Designer
Ratan Bahadur
Corporate Chef Multicuisine
Legal Team
Madhur Prabhat Bhargava
Legal Support
Mint law Associates
Ira Law

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