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Why Moti Mahal

In any successful franchise business the name is the most important factor. The Moti Mahal legacy stretches back since 1920. And in that span of time, we’ve honed our business acumen to achieve global success. We at Moti Mahal understand that you don’t buy into a franchise for just a flag. You want a name that guests believe in. You want loyalty that drives business to your restaurant day after day, year after year. That’s our approach at Moti Mahal Delux.

As a Moti Mahal Delux store owner, you’ll be part of the world’s largest Indian restaurant chain and one of the most recognized brands, with the support and experience that goes along with it — a brand that has kept the customers coming back since 1920. The franchisee is able to launch a new business successfully without any of the usual attendant growing pains attached to starting a new business.

Moti Mahal Delux is a global brand, offering a choice of an upscale hospitality experience at our restaurants. Whatever the preference, every guest at our restaurant throughout the world enjoys a consistent delivery of our unique brand essence, style and services. And our franchise partners benefit from Moti Mahal’s global perspective and our proven track record of creating restaurants that truly resonate with today’s modern consumer.

Further, the competition within the restaurant business is intense. Any new restaurant finds local competition in menu price range and in a wide variety of ethnic and regional varieties. Moti Mahal Restaurants have been able to succeed by emphasizing an up market fine dine image and a moderate priced menu, a combination that few others are able to match.  

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