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Why Franchise

If owning one’s own business is the dream, then franchising is the best manner of achieving many of the benefits of business ownership for most people. Franchising is like using of a toll expressway rather than chancing less direct confusing roads.

The best thing about franchising as a product and /or service distribution mechanism is that it is one of those synergistic business relationships in which all of the parties have to benefit for any of them to achieve long-term success. In most cases, for the franchisee to succeed the Franchisor has to do a good job of providing service. Equally, for the Franchisor to succeed the franchisee must put in not simply an investment of money but also investment of time, energy and passion too.

There is no such thing as a successful Franchisor who does not have successful franchisees. Conversely, successful franchisees usually are a result of a Franchisor’s successful product creation, franchise development, marketing and franchisee selection, training, and servicing.

If one is seeking a growth opportunity for his present business, franchising unquestionably presents an attractive, enticing option. But before being succumb to its wiles, consider that a franchisor / franchisee relationship is not like a friendship, a courtship, or even an engagement. It is more like a marriage—the forging of a contract under which two partners with mutual interests agree to work in harmony toward a common objective. And, like a marriage, it is not something that should be entered into lightly. Because if the partners are not compatible then the ensuing divorce can be traumatic and costly.

So, if one is a confirmed bachelor, unable or unwilling to give up his total business freedom, franchising might not be for him. On the other hand, when both partners work together, the franchise method of doing business can produce a win-win-win scenario for all concerned.  

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