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Franchising FAQ's
How much will I pay in royalties? What fees will I pay when I become a franchisee?
Initial Franchise Fee: This will purely depend upon type of store and brand. Internationally it is governed with the geographical conditions and size of the country in question.

Monthly Royalties: 6 percent (6%) of Gross Sales

The above amounts do not include the initial investment required to construct the restaurant building, training expenses, grand opening expenses or opening inventory.
Do I have to find my own location, my own architect and equipment?
No, Moti Mahal Delux Hospitality helps in property selection, acquisition, planning, designing, construction, shop fit out and equipment sourcing services. We have on our panel reliable sources for locating excellent locations. The associated architects, kitchen designers and contractors form a part of our group in establishing a high-class modern style restaurant.
How soon can I open more stores?
Normally, a new franchisee will not be permitted to open a second store until six months after opening of the first one. This is to ensure that every franchisee develops the experience required to achieve high operational standards for multiple stores.
What should be the location of the space required?
High streets / Malls / Hotels / Shopping Complex / National Highways.
Are there any stores immediately available for me to franchise?
Yes, if Moti Mahal Delux Hospitality has in his land bank any available sites or stores that do not yet have franchisees assigned to them.
During the course of the Franchise Agreement, is it possible to sell a store?
Yes, as long as Moti Mahal Delux Hospitality approves the sale and subject to Franchise Agreement.
What is the length of term of the Franchise Agreement and is there an additional charge for renewal?
The initial agreement is normally for three terms of three years each totaling to 09 years. Subject to lease deed in case of rented property and other considerations, the franchise agreement is renewable by the franchisee at no additional charge.
What ongoing operational help is given to new franchisees?
A Franchise Team comprising of managers and chef will be assigned to assist you with recruiting and training new staff, marketing, product control, pricing and other operational areas. Our professional team comprising of training specialists gives on-site support during the launch.
Does Moti Mahal Delux have broad consumer appeal?
Of course! Kids and families love Moti Mahal’s tandoori grills and curry delights. Strict vegetarians also enjoy a vast range of Moti Mahal’s vegetarian culinary delights.
What sets Moti Mahal Delux apart from the other brands?
The brand value, quality, hospitality and other conveniences Moti Mahal Delux offers its customers are what truly set us apart from our competitors. Additionally, “Moti Mahal Delux” is one of the most recognized and loved food icons in the world.
What training is offered?
We provide a comprehensive training program that focuses on all aspects of our business. The curriculum includes product preparation, marketing, hygiene, finance, cash management, human resources, multi-store supervision, customer service, loss prevention, and real estate, among other topics. We also continue to work with you as your business grows, providing expert analysis and consultation to help you succeed. Training courses are offered to franchisees and their team members on an ongoing basis through practical and training manuals. There is a fee for the training and the Franchisee is responsible for all costs incurred including travel and lodging of the management team.
Is previous catering or retailing experience necessary?
Prior food service experience is helpful, but not essential. Moti Mahal Delux Hospitality offers a comprehensive training program, covering all aspects of operating a restaurant. You will also have access to operations and marketing professionals as you establish your business.
How many staff members are employed in the average store?
This will purely depend upon the brand and size of the restaurant project and other services like home delivery, outdoor catering, and in house banqueting.
What will be my sales?
Prospective franchisees are encouraged to conduct their own independent investigation to determine potential sales levels prior to signing any Franchise Agreement. Existing franchisees are a resource you can use for more franchise information.
What is the payback period and how much profit will I make?
The amount of profit is based on a number of factors, including sales, costs, and the franchisee's ability to manage the business. However, our employees, sales people or development agents are not permitted to furnish any oral or written information concerning actual or potential sales. Actual results vary from restaurant to restaurant and city to city and we cannot estimate the results of any particular franchise.
However, past results have shown payback time of approximately 3 years, assuming nil borrowing. This is in consideration with average revenue expected from a particular location. Moti Mahal Delux Hospitality provides you with a business blueprint and the tools to help you make the business a success. Your success will depend on how you use the blueprint and the tools at your disposal. However, Moti Mahal Delux Hospitality does not guarantee business success.
What is the start up costs for a store?
The current costs are outlined in detail on a document called Capital Costs Estimate, which is available when you apply for an information pack.
Does Moti Mahal Delux Hospitality provide restaurant financing?
Moti Mahal Delux Hospitality does not provide financing, however we can guide you through the key funding decisions and introduce you to key banking teams who have a working knowledge of the Moti Mahal Delux Hospitality Franchise system.
Why do I have to order my supplies from your vendor?
We require all franchisees to order food from an approved food distributor. These ensure that all restaurants have uniformity in taste and best quality food while allowing maximum savings.
Will I have to work full time in the business?
Every franchisee must remember that franchising with Moti Mahal Delux Hospitality is not simply an investment of money - it’s an investment of time, energy and passion too.
If accepted as a Franchisee how long will it take to open my first unit?
This depends on how quickly you can find yourself a suitable location. As a guide you should be prepared to allow six months to find and fit-out a property.
Will I be required to use specific accounting service software at my restaurant?
Moti Mahal Delux Hospitality will describe the type of electronic cash register system and software requirements to be used in the restaurant. It is strongly recommended that you use the Moti Mahal Delux Hospitality supported operating platform. You must prepare and keep detailed records regarding all sales and other financial aspects of your restaurant operations.
Do you have a quality assurance program? Who enforces quality?
Moti Mahal Delux Hospitality monitors quality using a variety of programs. One is a customer based shopper program where restaurants receive customer feedback on their store experience. Secondly, food safety audits are conducted by a third party service to ensure that food safety standards are met at the store level. Finally, the company conducts Standards Audits in store and feedback is given to the operators regarding execution excellence. Franchisees are required to meet certain operating standards as part of their franchise agreement.
Can I use my own recipes and menu ideas?
Franchisees must sell only approved products in their restaurants. Menu ideas can be submitted for evaluation by the Food Innovation Team but must receive approval prior to being sold in the restaurant.
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