Franchise Hotline

Development Process

Kindly complete your application process. Once we have received your completed application we shall assist you through each step of franchise development process.

Stage 1. Qualifications

Moti Mahal Delux Hospitality-

  • Review application
  • Verify assets, brand request and geographic interests
  • Overview training requirements
  • Conduct and review credit check and franchisee profile
  • Conduct franchising background check
Franchisee Prospect-
  • Fills in Application Form
  • Prepare questions if not found in FAQ’S
  • Complete franchising profile
  • Begin creating operating plan

Stage 2. Operations Interviews

Moti Mahal Delux Hospitality-
  • Conduct Interview(s) to understand each other
  • Discuss Operating Plan to ensure business understanding
  • Explain site selection
  • Identify and discuss issues
  • Conduct operational interview
  • Set up one day store experience
  • If Franchisee meets all qualification standards, they are approved as a Franchisee Candidate
Franchisee Prospect-
  • Attend one day store experience (if necessary)
  • Complete operations plan
  • Interview as needed

Stage 3. Site Selection Strategy

Moti Mahal Delux Hospitality-
  • Determine best site selection strategy
  • Review MMDH Development Service options
  • Discuss scale requirements and future development
Franchisee Prospect-
  • Outline Development vision
  • Identify focus trade area(s)
  • Align next steps

Stage 4. Securing Site Control

Moti Mahal Delux Hospitality-
  • Complete Trade Area action plan
  • Establish priorities
  • Develop next stages with Franchisee candidates
Franchisee Prospect-
  • Provide feedback / action plan
  • Endorse action plan
  • Negotiate for site
  • Send Letter of Intent
  • Negotiate store purchase or rent (if buying or renting store)

Stage 5. Site Registration / Approvals

Moti Mahal Delux Hospitality-
  • Complete site registration work book
  • Provide Franchise Site Analysis Survey (FSAS) and deposit form
  • Submit site registration to Brand desk
  • Determine if proposed site can be cleared for development
Franchisee Prospect-
  • Complete site deposit form
  • Remit funds
  • Sign, date and remit site analysis survey form

Stage 6. Franchisee Onboarding

Moti Mahal Delux Hospitality-
  • Provide on boarding support
  • Schedule / conduct appropriate training programme
  • Provide development expertise
  • Provide countdown to opening check list
  • Support Grand Opening
Franchisee Prospect-
  • Finance your restaurant
  • Build your restaurant
  • Hire your team
  • Attend appropriate training
  • Grand Opening

Stage 7. Preparing to Grow

Moti Mahal Delux Hospitality-
  • Provide business support
  • Develop marketing calendar
  • Provide brand leadership
Franchisee Prospect-
  • Run a great restaurant
  • Execute marketing programs
  • Build team capability
  • Create a growth vision
  • Register and build additional site

Successfully completing Stage #2 qualifies you as a franchise candidate. Some franchisee build stores,
others buy existing restaurants (if available)  

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