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Moti Mahal
Moti Mahal is the most popular Indian fine dine restaurant specializing in original and authentic Tandoori and Curry Recipes.

Moti Mahal’s succulent tandoori fare is low on oil and high on authenticity.
The food is cooked in clay ovens or tandoor in the traditional style from the North-West Frontier region. This style of cooking requires great expertise on the part of the chefs, since the meat is not accompanied by any sauce or gravy, but only pre-marinated with true authentic spices and grilled before serving.
China Wall
CHINA WALL blends elegant décor, gracious hospitality, and authentic Chinese cuisine and offers an array of richly flavoured and mouth-watering cuisines from various regions including Shanghai, Beijing, Sichuan and Canton, specially churned out under the expertise of Master Chefs.
The experience is non –ending, be it Chinese, Thai or Singaporean and our chef’s sense of adventure promises to tingle all senses.
Dosa n Chutny
At DOSA N CHUTNY tantalize your taste buds with a wide range of delightful cuisines from southern India’s legendary spice coast, that go beyond just sambar, idli, dosa and vada. Come and embark the indispensible flavours of Chettinad meal from Tamil Nadu, a wide range of fiery Andhra coastal delights,
the aromatic mild spices of Karnataka cuisine especially Mangalorean and Coorgi, as well as the diverse mixture of Kerala’s Malabar and Syrian cuisines with coconut and loads of seafood.
For irresistible Continental culinary voyage and candlelit conversations, immerse yourself to discover the hidden treasures of DARYA. Juggling ingredients and cooking styles expertly to produce a menu that’s as surprising as it is delicious and best defined as progressive Mediterranean world cuisine.
The freshness of aromatic spices create flavours that explode on the taste buds.
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