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About Moti Mahal

At Moti Mahal we carry forward our founder, Shri Kundal Lal Gujral’s legacy and passion. Thus a restaurant specializing in cuisine from the North West Frontier Province Moti Mahal made the ordinary curry a butter filled delight. The village tandoor for baking breads was turned into a royal mode of innovation resulting into Tandoori Chicken and Butter Chicken, heralding a complete revolution of taste, a transformation in Indian eating habits and a special place on the International Gourmet map. Moti Mahal, a restaurant that grew to a legend since 1920.

M. Maulana Azad, the former education minister reportedly told the shah of Iran that while in India, he must make two visits one to that Taj Mahal and one to Moti Mahal.

Nationally, Moti Mahal is among the top Indian restaurants serving Indian and Mughlai Food with a boasting fleet in India and abroad.  

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