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Ramesh Chamola (Corporate Manager Operation)
Few could claim to be as dedicated to and knowledgeable of the hotel industry as Ramesh Chamola. Ramesh pursued three year hotel and catering Diploma in Hotel Management from Institute of Hotel Management & Catering Technology, Pusa, New Delhi, which undoubtedly secured his future in the hotel industry. On completing his course, Ramesh started his career as a captain at Hotel Le Meridian. Eager to learn more and more about hotels & restaurant, Ramesh worked with five star hotels like Inter Continental Delhi, Shilon Resort, Shimla and quickly moved up the ranks, taking on more and more responsibilities.

In a long span of 18 years of hard work he had built an impressive position in the hospitality industry which credited him with extraordinary skills, versatility and forward thinking. From 2005 he joined Moti Mahal Group and today as a Corporate Manager Operation looks after launch and operation of new and existing restaurants of the world famous Moti Mahal Chain of Restaurants.

D.B. Shrestha (Master Chef Indian and Mughlai)
A methodical chef what sets Shrestha apart from the rest is his willingness to take culinary risks. He is almost compulsive about combining ingredients that others, more timid, might consider mutually exclusive. While not deviating from original Moti Mahal recipes, his culinary philosophy is that more one innovates the tastier will be the results.

With an experience of 28 years, Shrestha heads the Indian and Mughlai section of Moti Mahal kitchen. Credited with launching various Moti Mahal restaurants in India and internationally, he is undoubtedly the most versatile chef of Moti Mahal Group.

Dhan Singh (Master Chef Tandoori and Grill Food)
By giving gastronomic accent to the rustic and simple kebabs, Dhan Singh has helped to keep up the originality of Moti Mahal’s art of Tandoori cooking, yet introduced many new variety of Kebabs and breads with his extensive culinary experience of more than 20 years. Many of his exquisite dishes have set new standards of excellence and made his kitchen envy of other leading chain of Indian restaurants.

Involved with recruitment and training of new chefs and organizing new and existing kitchens, Dhan Singh has helped Moti Mahal to grow to new heights.

Umed Singh Rawat (Corporate Chef Continental)
Rawat is very highly trained and motivated chef. After completing intermediate he did his cooking diploma from American Lounge Institute, Ghaziabad. At this point of his life he took the important decision to seek a position as a trainee chef at hotel Imperial New Delhi, in order to gain first hand experience towards his lifelong passion of cooking. In 19 years of his carrier he worked with major hotel like Imperial, J.P Group, Inter Continental.

He joined Moti Mahal Group in 2005 as Sous Chef and today heads Moti Mahal Delux, Jalandhar as a corporate chef. He is one of the most hard working chefs Moti Mahal have in their chain. Having spent years researching the history of coking and his commitment to work has definitely made him an indispensable chef today. Rawat helps in teaching hygiene concepts and practices to new emerging chefs of Moti Mahal Group. Patience & Passion have been two most important ingredients of Rawat for cooking great food.

Vishwadeep Jhinkwan(Master Chef Continental)
Young, enthusiastic and brimming with ideas the versatile Vishwadeep is presently chef at Moti Mahal’s continental chain, Darya. Completing his degree from IHM Jaipur, he started his career with Ruby Tuesday. His passion kept him moving up the ladder from TGI Friday, Kuwait to American chain Chillis.

Learning various arts of continental skills like baking, roasting, broiling, Vishwadeep has mastered the art of Grill cooking. Now an accomplished chef, Vishwadeep is using his rich experience to slowly, but decisively, shift the mindset about Mexican food meaning beans, rice and an entrée all mashed together on a plate (what he refers to as “sludge”) to a more chicken-centered, healthy, and fresh cuisine reminiscent of that found along the Baja coast and throughout regions of Mexico. Chef Vishwadeep has a creative flair and talent to churn out true flavors to tickle the taste buds. His is involved in taking classes in training new chefs both, theoretically and practically.

S. S. Rawat (Master Chef Mexican)
Exceptionally innovative Sous Chef with more than 30 years experience in operations of renowned restaurants preparing a wide variety of unique appetizers, soups, entrees, sauces and desserts. Highly proficient in numerous cooking techniques he has been instrumental in providing tantalizing tastes. Holding the kitchens of Darya, a Mexican and Lebanese concept from the kitchen end Rawat has emerged culinary virtuoso in his own right.

Darya is a unique Mexican and Lebanese concept developed by Mr. Ashim Gujral, Director, Moti Mahal Delux Hospitality. This has come true with hard work put in by the director along with his emerging team to discover the hidden treasures of Darya.

Lobsang Chonjor (Master Chef Pan Asean)
A true dedicated and committed Chef, Lobsang is the mastermind of Moti Mahal’s China Wall kitchens.

Mastering the art of Chinese cuisines from various regions including Shanghai, Beijing, Sichuan and Canton, China Wall has churned out a very extensive menu under the expertise of chef Lobsang.

Prasad (Master South Indian)
Prasad is a great chef passionate about his cooking. His aim is to create a journey of taste, texture and temperature using classics with forward thinking techniques to create something unique and modern without forgetting key elements such as flavor, the one word that drives to push extra mile in South Indian delicacies.

Prasad has a modern approach in cooking breaking the conventional boundaries and going on adventures of fusion cooking, infusing with ethnic spices, give a modern twist. Prasad heads Dosa N Chutny in Dubai, a specialty fine dine South Indian concept by Mr.Ashim Gujral, Director, Moti Mahal Delux Hospitaity LLC.
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